A long walk to Lathkill Dale from the Monsal Head social meet

In common with 40 or more other outdoor-loving bloggers, Tweeters, webmasters and newbies, I attended the social meet at Monsal Head over the weekend organised by blogmeister and filmmaker @terrybnd, ably supported by @MyOutdoors.

This is not the kind of thing I would normally do. For me, heading to the hills is a solitary activity and so it felt a little odd turning up at the albeit charming Park House Farm campsite to be confronted by ranks of the latest backpacker tents containing folk who shared at least one of my favoured pastimes.

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The importance of being early

The alarm clock warbled and I stealthily left the bedroom, trying to avoid disturbing the other half.

My clothes were laid out in the office, camera packed and ready. I carefully closed the front door, avoided slamming the car door and made good my escape.

I was only dropping down to my usual haunt… Dove Stones. The light had been fantastic yesterday and I didn’t want to miss out. I’d hopefully have the hills to myself for a precious couple of hours before the cry of the curlew was drowned out by quarrelling kids. Continue reading

A wander with the camera: Millers’ Dale, Derbyshire

I went for a wander down Millers’ Dale with the camera today. It’s been nearly 20 years since I’ve been to this part of the Peak District. Last time, I visited the valley as part of the south to north backpack of the national park, starting in Ashbourne and ending in Crowden.

Little of what I saw today seemed that familiar, although I think the conversion of the old mill buildings to rather snazzy apartments threw me somewhat.

I was a great pleasure to return, though, and another chance to get to grips with the new camera. Click on the images if you want to see larger versions. Continue reading

Out a snappin’

Got my Nikon D90 over the weekend. It’s a present from someone very special and I know I’m going to gain a great deal of satisfaction using it [Many thanks again 🙂 ]

Like a boy with a new toy, I had to take it for a spin yesterday in far from ideal conditions – very bright, contrasty, with loads of haze.

So here are some early efforts. All are taken using the standard 18-105mm Nikkor kit lens. Work in progress…
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