A long walk to Lathkill Dale from the Monsal Head social meet

In common with 40 or more other outdoor-loving bloggers, Tweeters, webmasters and newbies, I attended the social meet at Monsal Head over the weekend organised by blogmeister and filmmaker @terrybnd, ably supported by @MyOutdoors.

This is not the kind of thing I would normally do. For me, heading to the hills is a solitary activity and so it felt a little odd turning up at the albeit charming Park House Farm campsite to be confronted by ranks of the latest backpacker tents containing folk who shared at least one of my favoured pastimes.

The tone of this appropriately informal event soon rang true, though. I shared many a beer both in camp and at the Stable Bar with some fine folk and the time flew. There are more of these events planned and I for one will make every effort to attend.

In common with the lack of formality, folk were free to do as they pleased. On the Saturday most, understandably, wanted to walk – not least to shake off the hangovers. A few were exploring Millers Dale, but I’d visited this area recently and fancied an old haunt: Lathkill Dale.

A circular walk from Monsal Head was traced on the map and I set off with camera at the ready. For a bit of an experiment, I limited myself to my ’new’ second-hand prime lens on my SLR. This is a 28mm full-frame Nikkor which gives the equivalent of just shy of 50mm FX due to the cropped digital sensor.

A couple of times, I found myself reaching for the non-existent zoom ring on the lens barrel but soon got used to moving around to frame shots… sometimes requiring a bit of contortionism (kind of).

I’m reasonably happy with the results. The lens is noticeably sharper that the kit lens on my D90, makes the camera more compact and forces me to think more about my shot. That can’t be a bad thing.

Monsal Head to Lathkill Dale route


12 thoughts on “A long walk to Lathkill Dale from the Monsal Head social meet

  1. You must be pretty pleased with your new lens. From your photos it looks very versatile. Glad you enjoyed the weekend – sounds like it was a lot of fun

  2. Lovely pics there! 🙂 Told you weather be fine. Some long stroll you did there, too. Bet that beer tasted nice at end of it. 😉 Good meeting you my friend. No doubt we’ll bump into each other again soon

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Hi Yasmine, yeah I think it will stay on the camera most of the time, to be honest.

    Likewise Terry, great to meet you at last. The walk turned into a bit of an epic and, yes, the restorative beer was well earned. Here’s to the next time…

  4. Were you the gent with the Power Lizard? Yes, there were a few folk I wanted to chat to and didn’t get the chance. Serves me right for buggering off on my own on the Sat :-). Hope to meet at the next one…

  5. Lovely photos! That is quite a crazy trek you went on but I like it! I remember being quite taken back when you said you were walking to Lathkill from where we were. So many people at that meet it was really hard to keep up with everyone and even harder afterwards trying to remember who was who! 😉

  6. Hi Jamie, Thanks for dropping by. I know what you mean… I’m just about putting faces to ‘Twitter handles’ now! Turned into a bit of an epic, but all the better for it. Looking forward to some winter walking in this area…

  7. Lathkill Dale and Monsal Head/Dale were some of my favourite Peak walks so really enjoyed your photos. I’ve been reading loads of reports on the bloggers meet up so I’m hoping to make the next one and meet some of you guys over a beer or two!

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