Something to make your blood boil: trash trails

One can get into troublesome territory when contemplating a rant… there’s a danger that you’ll plummet into a pit of sanctimony or open a can of worms that crawl around your conscious and compromise other attempts at blogging debate in future.

Dove Stones Reservoir complex

I’m on relatively safe ground here, though.

I live in the densely populated urban fringe, bordering the spartan northern Peak District and South Pennines. I’m lucky to have such great hillwalking, mountain biking and road cycling on my doorstep.

However, maybe it’s my age or just a general lack of tolerance these days, but I find myself increasingly angered by the level of rubbish that can be found in the upland areas near my home.

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Lomond ‘wild camping’

One of the more pleasant experiences of my West Highland Way trip was finding a quiet spot on the shores of ‘Bonnie Lomond’ to spend the night.

I had little to eat and was tired from the day’s walk, yet none of this mattered. It was a truly stunning evening in May and the atmosphere was heavy with the remnants of the day’s heat. The loch was still, seemingly solid, and offered a perfect mirror image of a reddening sky. Continue reading