The importance of being early

The alarm clock warbled and I stealthily left the bedroom, trying to avoid disturbing the other half.

My clothes were laid out in the office, camera packed and ready. I carefully closed the front door, avoided slamming the car door and made good my escape.

I was only dropping down to my usual haunt… Dove Stones. The light had been fantastic yesterday and I didn’t want to miss out. I’d hopefully have the hills to myself for a precious couple of hours before the cry of the curlew was drowned out by quarrelling kids.

Mine was the second car in the car park. I set off quickly up onto the moor, hoping to find something to shoot but happy just to have some time alone.

Early morning is wonderful: my favorite part of the day. An enveloping peace hangs on from the night and, as the natural world awakes, time too is sluggish.

Struggling to find photographic inspiration, I noticed that the reservoirs were glassy still and decided to drop down to the valley floor for a reflection.

Others were now beating a trail around the waters – dog walkers, fell runners, mountain bikers among them. The light was now liquid, filling the viewfinder with colour. I got my shot, savoured the relative calm a little longer, and hurried home for breakfast.

Dove Stones Reservoir Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-105mm at 18mm, 1/250 sec, f16, ISO 200

14 thoughts on “The importance of being early

  1. Thanks for the comment, Helen. Can’t wait for those wild camping days again when early mornings are guaranteed. The first brew of the day and watching the world wake up… bring it on!

  2. Nice picture. The other thing I love about being one of the first to be out and about is that you are likely to see a lot more wildlife. I’ve seen quite a few deer on various walks just by being out first thing.

  3. Thanks for your kind words, Angela.

    Matt, You’re absolutely right. I recall a wild camp on the edge Rannoch Moor when I awoke early. Lying in the bag sipping tea a herd of deer ‘flowed’ around my tent. They didn’t seem too bothered that I was there.

    1. Will do WandW. Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. Will be heading to Snowdonia at the weekend. Been a while…

  4. Been a while since I’ve walked those… I am going to be near the Rhinogs this weekend. An area I don’t know at all, really.

  5. Get wild camping NOW, mate 🙂

    Weathers been superb for it. Ignoring the recent warm weather, temps are OK now. A cool breeze as opposed to a chilly one. 😉

  6. Would love to, Terry… don’t think I am ready for a night on the Neo Air yet. Doubt I’d be able to walk in the morning!

  7. It is a victim of it’s own success, though… litter is a problem and it is generally not respected the way it should be.

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