Cycle touring Iceland

Arnarbaeli hut Surly TrollIn June 2013 I spent two weeks cycle touring in Iceland. This was a long-held ambition realised… I’m only sad that I didn’t have the time to see more of this fascinating country.

Following the popularity of the cycle touring Hebrides round up, below is a collection of posts on my trip and thoughts some of the equipment I used.

My itinerary was intentionally loose, the only real plan to cycle one of the gravel roads across the barren interior. I chose the more straightforward Kjolur, which offered some truly incredible cycle touring. The gravel roads are indeed a challenge and tested me both mentally and physically, but the experience was hugely rewarding.

The terrain will readily expose any weaknesses in your gear, as will the weather. I had relatively benign conditions during my trip, save for the last few days when Iceland’s weather bit back. It’s important to account for these conditions in your itinerary and have a bail out… Iceland’s buses normally coming to the rescue.

If you have any further questions, please use the comments section below or drop me a line. As ever, it would be great to hear from you.

Trip reports

Day one and two, arrivals and departures

Day three and four. Pingvellir and the gravel road north-ish

Day five and six. Let the wind blow

Iceland by bicycle days seven and eight – Kjolur

Days nine and ten – Geysir, rest and the slow road south east

Days 11, 12 and 13 – the wild south west


Tweaking the (Surly) Troll

Surly Troll and the Evoc Bike Travel Bag

Cycle touring Iceland – gear list

Iceland practicalities and gear thoughts


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