Surly Troll and the Evoc Bike Travel Bag

Preparing the Surly Troll for an Evoc bike bag While searching for a way of (hopefully) safely and conveniently transporting my Surly Troll by plane to Iceland, I encountered a small problem.

My requirements were fairly straightforward, a light box or bag with wheels what would be easy to transport, offer some protection and be easy to store at home.

Purpose made boxes tend to be heavier although, in general, offer the best protection. Bags offer less protection, although can be lighter and have the advantage of being collapsible to ease storage at home and at my destination.

One factor that didn’t initially figure in my thinking was size, though. I naively assumed that boxes and bags would be designed to take large frames… not so.

surly troll in the evoc bag

After much deliberation, scanning forums, and talking to bike shop owners, I settled on the Evoc bike travel bag.

I grumbled about the price, but hope to use this over the next few years for tours and justified the outlay on those terms. I just hope it lasts.

I did check the CTC’s advice on this matter and they suggest wrapping the bike, assembled with bars twisted, in a clear polythene bag. I understand the logic, but don’t feel comfortable with the suggestion!

It would be premature to review the Evoc bag here and I’ll give my initial impressions after my trip. However, I thought folks might like to know that the 22inch Troll frame will fit in the bag, although I did have to rotate the stem.

If you are unfamiliar with the Evoc bag, you need to remove wheels (and remove rotors), pedals, racks (in my case) and handle bars. I also bridged the dropouts and placed additional protection around the chainset and chain along with plenty of pipe lagging. As an additional precaution, I removed the rear mech and cable tied this to the stay

Fingers crossed!

9 thoughts on “Surly Troll and the Evoc Bike Travel Bag

  1. I think you will be happy with Evoc. I take off the rear mech as a precaution like you, but have not seen the need for pipe lagging. A friend who has had one longer than I is also happy with Evoc. He leaves the rear mech attached and uses no pipe lagging on his carbon rig. Bon voyage.

    1. I am leaving it with the guest house where I am staying for the first and last nights. They’ll do so for free.

    1. If your bike is small and light, you sould be ok. Mine isn’t and I got hit with a flat charge. That said, long haul have better allowances so sould easily come in under 30kg, even with my big ass bikes 🙂

    2. The weight will depend on your bike, but the dimensions of the Evoc will exceed the maximum for most airlines’ definition of a regular luggage. Check with your airline.

      1. In my limited exp, you will need to classify the Evoc as sporting equipment and abide by the rules and regs of the airline. Iceland air charge a flat fee for sporting equipment:bike and an additional flat fee if it is overweight (over 23 kg and up to 32kgs, I think).

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