Behold… the Trolloff

Picked up my Surly Troll Mk2 at the weekend and thought I would post some pictures. Components were a little different in the end as I opted for an SP PD8 dynamo hub. However, this 32-hole hub required a new rim too so I ended having a full set of wheels built on Mavic XM 719s.

I realise the wide flange of the Rohloff hub can create quite an angle where the spoke meets the rim – particularity on 26 inch wheels and there are rims with specific drilling to help with this. I raised this with the guys at Keep Pedalling and was assured it wouldn’t be a problem (and they’ve built a whole bunch of them). Time will tell.

A set of mudguards with plenty of clearance for stones and mud (and to help rear wheel removal) completes the upgrade. Done about 40 miles so far and am rapidly becoming a fan of the Rohloff.

These pics are not great I’m afraid… was trying to keep the rain off the camera 🙂


10 thoughts on “Behold… the Trolloff

  1. classic…you’d get more hits if you dubbed the site “trollhoff”! it will be good to hear how you get on with the rohloff, I’ve got a bromloff and a konahoff and find rohloffs addictive – the quiet efficiency adding to the serenity of cycling and making it all even more transcendent..

      1. just realised it’s a German “h” too, completely shattered my fantasy about a dignified place on the internet where trolls can gather..

  2. in the long run one thing that really makes Rohloff better than derailleurs (for me) is the no maintenance part – I have one that’s five years old with no oil changes and the knowledge that it always work faultlessly, every time (and get better with age) is priceless

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