Cycle touring Morocco… the plan

Within hours of touching down on UK soil after my two weeks pedalling around Iceland last year, I started thinking about this year’s tour.

I needed somewhere that would challenge me physically, was beautiful, and take me out of my comfort zone. I also wanted to go somewhere where there’d be a chance of some sunshine, softy that I am.

After poring over travel guides, web forums and countless photos, I’ve settled on Morocco – specifically a tour from Marrakesh to the desert… and back again.

I hope the trip will include at least one, if not two, major passes or cols through the Atlas Mountains. Assuming I can carry enough water, I also hope to point the bike off road and tackle a couple of pistes or tracks. Decisions, decisions.

I’ve already booked a beautiful riad in Marrakesh for our first and last couple of nights, leaving bike bags and other surplus stuff at our digs.

The use of the plural rather than the singular in that last sentence betrays the fact that I’ll have a partner in crime on this trip. This is a bit of a departure from the norm but I’m delighted to have some company. My fellow velo is quite a bit younger than me, too,  so will probably leave me for dead.

More details to come…


5 thoughts on “Cycle touring Morocco… the plan

  1. Matt, Sounds like an adventure, good for you! It always reminds me of how we all see the grass so much greener elsewhere. I plan tentatively to tour Devon this next Sept. with thoughts after that to go back to Scotland to ride where I have not been in a couple of decades. All this while I have a home in the mountains of North Carolina, USA, right amidst great hike and bike trails.

    We humans are a wonder with our wanderlust.

    Cheers, John Q.

    1. While not North Carolina (!), I have some excellent riding on my doorstep, too, and I take advantage of it every day I can (not having a car helps of course).

      Not sure about the grass being greener, but something different always appeals.I thought the need to travel and do these things would wane with advancing years… it just gets stronger. Not sure how long it will last but, having suffered with injury for a protracted period, I feel the need to do these things while I’m able.

  2. Hey Matt. Sounds like the premise for some good adventure. When are you starting the tour? We are in Morocco now… just finished a southeast africa tour and plan on spending a bit of time exploring morocco. Look forward to seeing what you find!

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