A wander with the camera: Millers’ Dale, Derbyshire

I went for a wander down Millers’ Dale with the camera today. It’s been nearly 20 years since I’ve been to this part of the Peak District. Last time, I visited the valley as part of the south to north backpack of the national park, starting in Ashbourne and ending in Crowden.

Little of what I saw today seemed that familiar, although I think the conversion of the old mill buildings to rather snazzy apartments threw me somewhat.

I was a great pleasure to return, though, and another chance to get to grips with the new camera. Click on the images if you want to see larger versions.


5 thoughts on “A wander with the camera: Millers’ Dale, Derbyshire

  1. Hi Terry,

    Thanks for the comment. I think Millers Dale was still wearing its drab early Spring coat so finding a bit of colour yesterday was a bit tricky. Hence the landscapes were a bit flat at that time of day.

    I’ve been to Monks Dale once… years ago. It’s a bit ‘wilder’… or a bit quieter at least, if memory serves. Given my dodgy back, these ambles along the Dales really welcome. I’d quite forgotten how lovely they are. I reckon I’ll be out again next weekend if the weather obliges.

  2. I’m looking forward to exploring Monks Dale, I must admit. If you told me a year or so ago how much joy I’d be getting from hikes in the White Peak I’d have laughed in your face! 🙂

    I have to admit, my ignorance is now vanquished and some of my most enjoyable hikes have been walking through, round and down into dales

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