Behold… the Trolloff

Picked up my Surly Troll Mk2 at the weekend and thought I would post some pictures. Components were a little different in the end as I opted for an SP PD8 dynamo hub. However, this 32-hole hub required a new rim too so I ended having a full set of wheels built on Mavic XM 719s.

I realise the wide flange of the Rohloff hub can create quite an angle where the spoke meets the rim – particularity on 26 inch wheels and there are rims with specific drilling to help with this. I raised this with the guys at Keep Pedalling and was assured it wouldn’t be a problem (and they’ve built a whole bunch of them). Time will tell.

A set of mudguards with plenty of clearance for stones and mud (and to help rear wheel removal) completes the upgrade. Done about 40 miles so far and am rapidly becoming a fan of the Rohloff.

These pics are not great I’m afraid… was trying to keep the rain off the camera :-)

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Hillwalker, backpacker, cyclist, whisky fan.
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9 Responses to Behold… the Trolloff

  1. derf says:

    classic…you’d get more hits if you dubbed the site “trollhoff”! it will be good to hear how you get on with the rohloff, I’ve got a bromloff and a konahoff and find rohloffs addictive – the quiet efficiency adding to the serenity of cycling and making it all even more transcendent..

  2. derf says:

    in the long run one thing that really makes Rohloff better than derailleurs (for me) is the no maintenance part – I have one that’s five years old with no oil changes and the knowledge that it always work faultlessly, every time (and get better with age) is priceless

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