Oh dear… here we go again

So, the back’s gone again.

Two weeks of niggling sciatica escalated over the weekend and I’m back on my old friends Co-codamol and am about to start a course of physio.

The really irritating thing about this recent episode is that I now ‘behave myself’. Since my decompression op four years ago I have kept myself fit, kept my weight down and worked hard on core stability exercises and flexibility.

Now I have loads of flexibility, allied to bouts of pillow-biting pain.

It’s sickening.

Perhaps the cycling has caused this problem… This too irks as I have spent much time working on the ideal riding position to ease pressure on my back and have been careful about stretching before and after rides.

It now looks very unlikely that I will be riding the LeJOG in May… a great shame given the investment of time and money. My riding had come on in leaps and bounds too, with 70-80 mile runs well within my grasp.

I do hope the physio can work some magic and I’ll be up and about soon.

If I’m not on the bike in May, I hope I am in the hills and filing something of note for this blog again.


4 thoughts on “Oh dear… here we go again

  1. That is so dissapointing, been following your blog for a while now. As a cyclist and a recent convert to walking I have been looking on with great interest, gutted for you.Chin up and here’s hoping the physio can weave some magic and get you back on track.

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