Sunday calling

I’ve got to get out at the weekend. Although we have guests, I am going to have to make my excuses and go for a walk. It’s been far too long and the weather looks like it will be kind.

So, where to go… If the sun shines, everyone will be descending on the Peak District so perhaps I should cast the net wider.

Having said that, I’ve never really explored the Derwent Valley and Alport Castles so may be heading over the Snake Pass.

If you’re out there, I hope you have a good one.


One thought on “Sunday calling

  1. Hope you managed to get out and have a good walk.I was out on the Saturday doing a short walk just outside of Leek- from Roach End to the Ship Inn at Danebridge for lunch and then back again via Lud’s Church and Gradbach Forest.Most of the time my walks are done solo but on this occasion I was joined by my wife and Son who had been tempted out by the prospect of blue skies and wall to wall sunshine.Unfortunately,it was cloudy and quite cool.We later found out that Leek had been the coldest spot in the UK!! My wife has vowed not to accompany me again.

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