Buying a touring bicycle

Thorn Club tour with Tubus racksIf you’re thinking of buying a touring bicycle – and, let’s face it, there are few better ways to explore a place – then you may find some helpful pointers in the posts below.

Due to work constraints, my touring experience is fairly limited and I’m grateful to those who have shared their thoughts and experiences on these pages.

As ever, any questions or thoughts please use the comments section or drop me a line. It’d be grand to hear from you.

Choosing the best touring bicycle

Bike options covering a range of price points if you fancy hitting the road.

Choosing the best bike touring wheels

Cup and cone or cartridge hubs? 32 or 36 spokes? Handbuilt? Some suggestions for a decent set of hoops to carry you and your luggage.

The ‘best’ touring bike tyres – now it’s personal

Tyres are very much about personal choice. Here are my favourites.

Touring bicycle sizing and fit

Numb hands while riding? Back ache after 20 minutes in saddle? You may want to think about your position on the bike…

A kit list for cycle touring

So you’re ready for your first tour… what to take? Here’s my base-weight kit list, which changes depending on destination and season.


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