A new addition to the Northern Walker crew

Joe Cool – smiling, or is it wind? Or worse?

Radio silence again I’m afraid, but this time with better reason. We have a new member of the Northern Walker clan: Joseph was born on 6th of March and weighed in at a hefty 9lb 2oz (he gets it from his dad, evidently… along with his winning smile).

I’m delighted to say mum and baby are doing well, and dad is becoming accustomed to his new role of botty cleaner and burpee initiator (no, not the leg- crunching exercises favoured by fellow-Joe, Mr Wicks).

I’ll admit I’ve been soul searching as to whether baby Joe was going to appear on these pages. However, Joe’s mum Sophie and I are very keen to keep on adventuring and include the wee man whether on foot or two wheels so we thought it might be helpful, and no doubt amusing, to share how we get on.

On that note, Joe has already been on a couple of gentle bimbles in the Derbyshire hills and he seems to enjoy it (well, he slept most of the time so that’s a win!). It’s a good start. In a couple of weeks I plan to leave him in the middle of Kinder Scout with a bag of beef jerky and a compass to see how he gets on (Attention sanctimonious, Daily Mail-devouring web trolls… This is, of course, a joke).

We do want to get responsibly adventurous, though. Mum and dad are planning some overseas tours so watch this space. Let’s just hope he likes the bike trailer when he gets a little older… and the kid’s seat on the back of the Surly ECR for some (very tame) singletrack!

16 thoughts on “A new addition to the Northern Walker crew

  1. Congratulations!. Things will never be the same. But, from my experience, they will be even better.

  2. There’s no way this little dude is not going to enjoy adventuring 😊 not with his genes ! 🗻🚴‍♂️🏕

  3. Well big congratulations, I hope you have very many exciting expeditions together as a family, whether that be walking cycling or climbing (possibly not climbing just yet) they say your life will never be the same , well there right! Alas it will be for the better ..enjoy x

  4. I flipping knew it! I knew something like this was in the offing! I said to myself, he’s not saying anything because he’s either getting married or he’s going to be a dad, and I was right. Ha!
    Anyway, my second and littlest one is 10 months now, and I can confirm, it only gets better. Welcome to the club!

  5. Always make sure they enjoy it. Can recommend soft structured carrier for 6-9 months. Then a Macpac Possum (Robust enough to consider 2nd hand one) until 3 yrs then back to a larger SSC (Tula the best we have tried) for after 3 if you want to walk further than they can in a day, or you need to go at a faster pace. Our wee man managed 5 miles on Sunday. Bodes well for our Cornish coast path ambling holiday planned for May (6-8 miles / day)

  6. Congratulations, that’s wonderful news. The literature would suggest to leave at least six months before you leave him alone in Kinder Scout.

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