Coming up for air

So it’s been a while since my fingers have felt the need to dance on the keyboard and populate these pages. My apologies. I believe it’s euphemistically called ‘life events’. Normal service now returns though.

While gingerly fording a swollen river of emotional discord, you find out who your friends are. That fine fellow Tim from Life in the Cycle Lane came to my rescue and suggested we pedal from Chesterfield to Glossop and explore some unfamiliar sections of the Trans Pennine Trail.

Undeterred by the six inches of snow clogging the byways of Glossopdale, we caught a train to the town of the crooked spire, picked up the trail and headed across the backbone of England.

As is the norm on these Surly Trollfest adventures, we encountered sublime and ridiculous conditions, struggled in parts but managed to keep one another motivated. Celebratory beers were downed with that glow of achievement, despite not being able to feel my fingers or toes.

The pictures are from the phone camera so apologies for the quality…

Speeding ahead on the Trans Pennine Trail Cranberry and chocolate nibs flapjack Gates Trans Penning Trail Sheffield five weirs walk Sculpture on the Trans pennine Trail Surly Troll on the Trans Penning Trail Up high on the Trans Pennine Trail Trans Pennine Trail beers

5 thoughts on “Coming up for air

  1. Just a note to say how much I enjoy reading your blog regarding two-wheeled (as well as two-legged) trips.

    As an ex-pat sometime cycle tourer now living in the new world – a great southern land – it is nevertheless heart warming to see pictures of some beautiful British landscapes.

    My two-cents worth is that life’s emotional ups and downs are a bit like cycle touring: the hills always look steeper and harder from the bottom, but the views trom the top are always worth the climb!

    Bon courage

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