Maroc and roll

So, back from Morocco… This journey can be summarised thus:

I didn’t camp… at all

I got sick – very sick, actually – and passed out. This curtailed my plans quite severely

Crawled over a mountain pass when I should have been in bed

I didn’t get off the beaten track as much as I’d wanted

I took buses

Drank eight litres of water a day… or should have done

I ate too much tagine and became sick of it


I enjoyed some of the most amazing riding I have ever experienced

Met some warm, courteous and helpful people

Shook people’s hands and touched my heart

Drank date ‘whisky’ (read: moonshine)

Played some drums and jammed

Slept on a roof

Raced local kids

Rolled out my best Huddersfield accent in a moment’s weakness

Laughed… a lot

Watched Premiership football in a local shop

Drank some excellent Moroccan red wine in a rooftop bar

Had the best company.

… stories and photos to come.

Surly Troll in Morocco


8 thoughts on “Maroc and roll

    1. Nearly! This trip certainly presented more challenges than others.The last few days were really tough riding into the Saharan headwind. Something akin to a fan oven.

    1. I think the headwinds were a bit of a revelation for my buddy who hadn’t toured by bike before. He thought they were worse than the climbs and I can only agree.There’s a sense of satisfaction with climbing…

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