Keep Pedalling’s Third Birthday Ride

So this week has been a little different…

Rather than spending Wednesday up to my armpits in the usual heady mix of meetings and miscellanea in the Smoke, I boarded a Routemaster bus armed with my ECR alongside a bunch of like-minded folks with a plethora of impressive steeds.

The reason? Manchester’s best bike shop (now official) Keep Pedalling celebrated its third birthday. Naturally, the only way to mark this occasion was to go for a ride and follow it with a party in the shop… with beer, pizza and a fantastic cake courtesy of The Baking Room.

A couple of those very fine folk from Surly also came along… great company they were too.

The Routemaster was a very novel touch and provided the perfect entrée to a day of mud plugging in the Pennines. Despite my lowly off road skills, I didn’t crash… my only misdemeanour was losing my bottles when I got the beefy ECR airborne.

Riding bikes in the sunshine = happy days. Thanks so much Keep Pedalling for the invite, your advice and my two rather excellent Surlys. Here’s to your continued success.

More pics from the day can be found here courtesy of Steve Makin. Read Tim’s always entertaining account on Life in the Cycle Lane.

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14 Responses to Keep Pedalling’s Third Birthday Ride

  1. I am hereby banning people from taking pictures of me that make me look SO camp.

  2. steve makin says:

    great day out, and nice to meet nice people

    the hangovers just about finished now :-0

  3. What a cool thing to do! I hope one of my local bike shops has a birthday!

  4. steve makin says:

    and of course I’ve now asked Shona for a price for an ECR with Rohloff and dyno hub :-)….

  5. steve makin says:

    despite owning a Krampus that I’m perfectly happy about, it was your comment about rear mechs getting full of lava dust, like a light bulb switching on !

    • I did have that problem, yes. It was fairly easy to remedy each time it occurred though. I was also using a pretty basic if reliable Deore set up. That said, I am a convert to hub gears and losing those dangly bits :-) The Rohloff is great, if a bit draggy. I would have one on the ECR if I could find the funds. One day maybe.

    • Btw, if you want to take the ECR for a spin give me a shout. I should have offered it to you on Wednesday but I think I was having far too much fun :-)

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