Surly ECR XXL – listen up tall folks

Got my Surly ECR yesterday. It’s a massive Humvee of a bike. While it’s too early to give an impression of the ride, let’s just say… so far, so ruddy marvelous.

The sizing of this bike caused a bit of head scratching but I am glad I went for the largest model. I feel I am sitting ‘in’ this bike rather than ‘on’ it.

I’m 6’6″ with a 37 1/2 cycle inseam and wanted an upright position. The result seems perfect for throwing my sizeable weight backwards on descents while the ‘aero’ position on the Jeff Jones loop bars is  comfortably within reach.

It’s early days, but I’ve found a bike that feels ‘right’ and inspires confidence off road.

Anyway, you’re probably not interested in my babble. Here are a spec list and some pics, including one of me on it for scale…

Frame: Surly ECR. size 24”
Rims: Velocity Dually, 32 spoke
Tyres: Surly Knard folding, 29×3”, 120 tpi (running inner tubes for now)
Front hub: Hope Evo, black, 32 hole
Rear hub: Shimano Alfine 8 speed black, 23 tooth sprocket, Surly Tugnut
Brakes: Avid BB7, front rotor 180mm, rear 160mm
Brake levers: Avid FR-5
Grips: Ergon GP-1
Bars: Jeff Jones H bar, 660mm
Shifter: Shimano Alfine trigger
Stem: Salsa Pro Moto, 90mm, 25 deg rise
Headset: Hope, black
Bottom bracket: Hope stainless, black
Crankset: Middleburn RS-8 X-type, 32 tooth ring, hardcoat
Seatpost: Thomson Elite layback, black
Saddle: Brooks B17
Pedals: Shimano Saint
Rack: Caradice Bagman Expedition
Bag: Nelson Longflap

13 thoughts on “Surly ECR XXL – listen up tall folks

      1. Looks like a substantial touring monster, not just your run-of-the-mill monster. 1 X 8 gear setup, low range by the look of the front ring. I’ll be very curious to hear that works on a tour. The Jones bars I love on my touring bike and on my Jeff Jones steel Spaceframe. Multiple hand positions and for me just much more comfortable for every use that I have for my bikes.
        Have fun and I look forward to your reviews of this next generation Surly bike.

      2. Hi John, the hub is an experiment. I wanted to keep the drivetrain as clean as possible but didn’t have the funds for another Rohloff. It was caked in crud today and continued to run sweetly and shift crisply. As for longevity, we’ll see. This bike is all about touring off road. It feels very planted and stable on the trail so the signs look good so far. I think I still need to make a tiny tweak on the position but those Jones bars are a revelation… Very keen on getting a set for my tourer.

  1. Btw, I’m running 32 23. Those big wheels take some turning but that gives me a fairly low bottom gear while 6,7 and 8 are good enough for easier/ paved sections. Really hope the hub works out.

    1. The sweep puts the grips in a comfortable and effective position when riding over rough ground. The loop provides other hand positions including an aero, tri bar type position on the front. I find this comfortable when on easy ground/ paved surfaces/into a headwind. The loop provides plenty of scope for adding gps etc and/or lashing on dry bags which is more secure off road than a traditional bar bag mount.

      1. Matt, Are your bars the new 710 width or the 660? I run the 660’s and cannot imagine going any wider but since you and your bike are supersized it might be appropriate. I also use the Jandd bar bag on both my bikes with the H-bars and find the bags to work quite well.

        John Q.

  2. I’m 6’5 with 39 inch inseam , so the ECR 24”, seem the only solution for a fatty for me , How much weigth yours with your current set up ? ( alfine , etc )

    1. Hi Martin, I think the 24″ will fit you well. I don’t know what the weight is on the ECR is, but it’s even heavier now given that I’ve swapped the Alfine for a Rohloff. If I get the chance, I will grab the scales although I imagine it will bottom out their 30lb limit. I don’t think you buy a steel semi or full fatbike with weight in mind, particularly in larger sizes. They are going to be heavy, end of. I reconcile this with the thought that the ECR is a tough, no nonsense off-road touring bike rather than an all out trail ‘machine’. It suits the way I ride…

  3. Matt, Did you swap out the Alfine for the Rohloff that was on your Troll? Partly because you got me pining for another Rohloff I put one on my steel Jones. Since I will tour a tad with this bike I came up with numerous excuses, you know how that goes….

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