Birthday bimble in the Dark Peak

To mark my 40th birthday this week it seemed appropriate to go for a wander at the weekend. In the interests of blogging symmetry, I opted for another long-ish walk home from Edale. The weather was pretty grim and I had some real trouble with the boots I was wearing. I’ll have a grumble about these along with other kit observations at a later date. For now, here are some pics…

Leaving Edale and the rain stopped, for five minutes.


Dropping down to Jaggers Clough. Last time I was here it was covered in snow.


Crossing the clough and keeping those feet dry. Apologies for the selfie but the Goretex introduces a bit of colour on this grey day.


Looking to Win Hill.


The wall… this one had seen better days.


Crossing the A57.


Enjoying the spoils of Christmas with a clear conscience.


Deteriorating conditions above Alport Castles.


Time for a brew after pitching in the dark.


Made a decent-ish job of it though.


Looking for the Pennine Way.


Back on course.




Dropping down Torside Clough out of the cloud at last.


Taking a breather at Torside Reservoir.


I don’t know much about football, but I get this.


15 thoughts on “Birthday bimble in the Dark Peak

  1. Looks like a nice walk with the possible exception of that highway crossing in the middle. What was the temp range? Great to get out in cooler weather and enjoy a walk without sweat in the eyes!

  2. Looks nice apart from the Linear Bog which is the Pennine Way which you show on day 2. Not done much in the Peaks – this inspires me to head down there some time. Any advice on where is solid underfoot (apart from avoiding the Pennine (motor) Way of course.

    1. Pennine Way is not so bad these days. Much of the soft parts are now flagged in the south. For real fun and games in the groughs, off piste on Bleaklow, Black Hill or the Kinder plateau can be ‘fun’.

  3. Happy birthday sir! Excellent photos, hope you enjoy your week. Today was my first day back on the bike after 4 days’ forced break at the hands of Man Flu and boy did I pick a perfect day! Blue skies, not a breath of wind, cool, crisp… I gazed from my office window longing to be in t’ hills.

    1. Thanks very much Tim. I was in town with the other half and was thinking as much… the weather was grand. Am writing these words in Copenhagen were it is bone crackingly cold but the streets are civilised and full of bikes 🙂

      1. Looks like I am going with the Alfine by the way… the eight speed. The guys at the shop reckon it will be OK with a 32 23. My other half paid for the frame yesterday as a birthday pressie… that’s a trend I would like to actively promote.

  4. Looks like a nice walk well done fore getting out in less than perfect conditions. Did Bleakow a few years back, going to have to visit a few more hills in the area next time I am down that way.

    1. Many thanks… it was a wee bit damp for my tastes to be honest but a pretty decent test of the GoLite Shangrila and my Oookworks inner. Think I have found my perfect shelter at last. The wildcamping spot was pretty decent… would be great on a clear summer evening with a dram perhaps 🙂

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