ECR inspiration and festive best

All good things... The Surly ECR (Pic: Surly)
All good things… The Surly ECR (Pic: Surly)

It’ll be some time until I get my paws on my new Surly ECR. Time, then, to carry on thinking about specs and where I can get it muddy in the New Year.

I can also take some inspiration from riders who’ve built up steeds from the first batch of frames.

If you are similarly ECR-afflicted, you can read about them here:

Pedaling Nowhere

Visit this excellent blog to read about an ECR build and follow a great adventure in South Africa.

Gypsy by Trade

Another inspirational blog and a perfect tonic for those dark Manchester evenings… Here you’ll find an excellent, objective review of the ECR sporting a Krampus-esque paint job.

Run Out, Off Route

One of the first to post about the ECR in detail, read about some early impressions on the trail.

For those wondering if I’ll ever go walking again and stop posting about ruddy bikes, I hope to get out in the hills between Christmas and the New Year so there might be a post before year-end 🙂

Until then, may I wish you and yours a restful festive break.



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