Cycle touring Iceland

iceland bicycle tour planningIn June I’m flying to Iceland with the Surly Troll for a two-week tour.

This is a long-held ambition coming to fruition. I’ve always wanted to visit Iceland, primarily for its geothermal tempestuousness and, secondly, to ride some of its stark interior.

I’m in that happy phase of planning at the moment but already have the distinct feeling that two weeks is not long enough.

Hopefully, I’ll spend a little time in Reykjavik, then take in Pingvellir before riding north west to sample an albeit small part of the Westfjords and then onto the Kjölur highland route leading – eventually – to the more familiar sites at Gulfoss and Selfoss before flying home.

A two-week itinerary is possible, allowing more time for the gravel road of the highlands. However, I need to be realistic here. In tandem with Iceland’s dramatic scenery comes dramatic weather. As a regular traveller to Scotland, I may be accustomed to four seasons in one day, but the wind and storms could prove to be the deciding factor on this tour.

Consequently, I’ve ummed and ahhed about which tent to take and have settled on the old North Face Westwind (I think!), assuming it hasn’t rotted away at the back of the garage.

I’ll be giving this a shakedown at the weekend and will post some thoughts on the kit list shortly…

10 thoughts on “Cycle touring Iceland

  1. Always wanted to visit Iceland. Now I’ll get a chance to see – virtually at least. Looking forward to the photos and posts in due course. Sounds like a fantastic trip

    1. Hi Andy, really looking forward to it. Got to get some serious miles in over the next couple of weeks to ensure it is a holiday!

  2. I’m enjoying reading your blog and looking forward to finding out how your trip goes.
    I’m currently with my girlfriend on a walking holiday in Wensleydale. I also bought my Brompton along for extra fun through the dale 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Hope you are having a lovely trip… It’s a great part of the world.

  3. Now that sounds like a great trip. I toured Iceland in ca. 2003 on a Rockhopper. The Surly looks nice. Lovely colour! Cycling around the Western Fjords was and will be wonderful. There are many places to wild camp (it would be easier to name where you cannot). Our tour was in the NE and then via bus link around the Fjords. Looks like you have some bomb proof tyres, they will prove useful. Back when we went Kevlar lined tyres were new to the scene and I used a pair. We did only a very short stretch of interior road in comparison to your plans, that sounds great! To cheer you up – whilst we had one pretty windy day (you’ll need glasses, as when the wind lifts a lot a fine material from the road comes up and hits you in the face when you pass other vehicles) we only haad one 1/2 day of rain in 2 1/2 weeks. I’ll look forward to seeing your pictures and account when you return.

  4. Hi Will, Thanks very much for the advice and encouraging talk of the weather 🙂 I guess my quandary at the moment is not to try and do too much. There’s a balance to be struck between time on the bike and time actually seeing stuff. Consequently, I’m keeping plans as flexible as possible. Those tyres come recomended by someone who has done some serious off road touring. They are heavy, but will do a decent job.

  5. How exciting! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the weather and look forward to seeing some stunning images when you return.

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