Bespoked Bristol 2013

Photos from this year’s Bespoked Bristol. Another brilliant show, with more to see and certainly more visitors.  The crowds and light made shooting a bit tricky so apologies for the quality of some of these shots.


5 thoughts on “Bespoked Bristol 2013

  1. I was there on Saturday. It was interesting to walk in and straight onto the Hewitt stand. My first bespoke bike was a Hewitt. Very comfortable; sold it after a year.
    The only two bikes I thought anything of (reflected my current cycling) were the dmo and the Oak. The rest were more art works than practical bikes and I didn’t think the two I liked were worth the asking prices. £33 train fare, £5 entrance but lunch with an old cycle camping buddy made it all worthwhile.

    1. Rather keen on a Hewitt Alpine myself. A bike that really suits.Was great see some Moultons in the flesh. Had the pleasure of riding one… Prices are eye watering though.

  2. Great day (well a couple of hours), expect the crowds. Good to see some of my dream bikes in the flesh. Was really interested in the Shand Stoater thought that one would have been up your street Northernwalker? Some of the expedition bikes (Hewitt Grampian & the Enigma ones) were very interesting, well put together but very tank like and that’s before luggage added!
    Missed the Hewitt Alpine but now on on my list as a maybe.

    1. Hi Neil, Those Shand bikes are very nice indeed. There were some excellent tourers on the Enigma stand, too, with some neat features such as generator hubs for mobile devices etc. Need the journey to merit such an investment!!

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