Paying attention to Lantern Pike

Many a time I have driven from home into the Dark Peak and ignored Lantern Pike. The focus has always been Hayfield and the rocky fringes of the Kinder plateau, rather than the softer landscape to the west. My only reminder that the Pike exists is the pub that shares its name.

I resolved to change this today. I was after an easy ramble with the camera… a walk to work up an appetite for Sunday lunch. The weather was very kind, a period of calm before promised snow was due to ruin the Monday morning commute.

I strolled along the Sett Valley trail and gained ground via the Pennine Bridleway from Birch Vale. At the National Trust sign marking the Pike, I following a rocky path climbed steeply to the left and to the small ridge to the Pike’s summit and marker.

The views to higher ground were impressive, and I traced the route of a classic Kinder Scout Walk. No doubt there were plenty of walkers trampling its slopes today, yet I enjoyed solitude on this no-longer ignored hill.


9 thoughts on “Paying attention to Lantern Pike

  1. Now we went over Lantern Pike this morning – in the opposite direction. Did we pass you? We did say hello to one guy on his own…
    We didn’t have our dogs with us for a change, just me and hubby 🙂

    1. To be honest, i wasn’t on my own. With the o/h but I was lingering with the camera (she’s ever-patient 🙂 )

  2. I have been the same as you, ignoring Lantern Pike and everytime I drive passed the pub thinking “I should go up there”. So, on a very wet New Years Eve my mate, Simon and I did it. We parked at the pub and walked up from there. My word was it wet and muddy – views were good though and a walk down to the Millenium Walkway and then back to the pub for a couple of pints made for a fine walk

    1. The going was firm yesterday save for the bit dropping down to the pub. I can imagine how tircky this could be in wet conditions. I wonder how many others pass the Lantern Pike Pub and feel the same as you and I 🙂

    1. Yep, I think that might be true for a few folk Andy… particularly when walkers’ attentions are focussed on Kinder. It’s a fine ramble with a decent pub to boot!

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