Northern Walker’s 2012

At this time of year, I like to take a look back at the blog and reflect. In common with last year, a clear pattern has emerged from these pages: too much cycling and not enough walking.

The relative lack of the latter and the increase of the former can be accounted in large part for by a change in my work. Now in London every week for a number of days, this has placed increased pressure on my free time – such as it is – and the bike has become an easier route to exercise and escape. Selling the car means I can’t respond to those last-minute walking opportunities too.

Rather than resorting to the tokenism of resolutions, I’ll simply say that I hope I can venture into the hills more often this year and gain their glad tidings.

However, I wouldn’t wish to convey the impression that reaching for the bike is somehow second best. Far from it. My trip to the Hebrides last year was the clear highlight and the picture below sums the trip up perfectly… kicking back on Berneray after another long day in the saddle. I will be away on the bike again this year, hopefully to Iceland.

A great spot to camp for the night on Berneray

While looking back, I also take time to think about why I continue with the site. The main driver of Northern Walker is personal record and to learn from others. I’m pleased to say that interaction directly on these pages and via email has really gathered pace this year, which has been a huge bonus. It’s been great to hear of others’ exploits around the world… whether it’s tents for touring, bike touring fit or the pros and cons of cup and cone v cartridge hubs!

So, here’s a run down of the posts of 2012. Thanks for reading and all the best for 2013

Top 10 posts

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Top 5 trips

Cycle touring the Hebrides

A classic Kinder Scout walk

Rolling out the bivvy bag above Edale

A Peak knee cruncher, by bike

Longsleddale Wild Camp – a tale of two valleys


6 thoughts on “Northern Walker’s 2012

  1. Good Morning from St.Pete, Florida, USA. I was checking my emails this am and Twitter suggested that I follow you. I could not agree more! I love Scotland, England, and the outdoors! I look forward to reading your earlier posts.

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