Walking with the other half (again), Ullock Pike

Regular visitors to this site will know my other half is no walker. While she loves Scotland and other outdoor destinations, she likes to admire them from the comfort of a tent or cottage.

However, once or twice a year, I manage to ‘encourage’ her to venture out on the fell. Previous tramps include the grueling slog up Ben Nevis and the equally dispiriting trudge up Snowdon alongside the railway. She wanted to climb them because ‘they were the biggest’, having little interest in the aesthetics of route choice. If we ever get around to Scafell Pike, we’ll follow Wainwright’s round!

A few weeks back, we celebrated our anniversary in the Lakes and stayed at the quite lovely, if pricey, Overwater Hall. En route, I couldn’t resist a clamber up a hill and plotted a short circular route up Ullock Pike from Longside Wood.

The round made it an easy ‘sell’ for my other half, while the promise of a hotel and hot bath sealed the deal: Pain, then pleasure.

The day was mercifully clear, although a determined wind from the north blunted the appeal of lengthy snack stops. Views opened out across Bassenthwaite Lake and Derwent Water, and the fells remained quiet on this Friday afternoon.

Our descent on Carl Side behind Dodd was steep and madam soon had ‘jelly legs’. Within the hour, she was in bath soothing those aches and pains and pretty happy… I think (!)

5 thoughts on “Walking with the other half (again), Ullock Pike

  1. I’m lucky my wife shares passion for walking although not my watersports and snow-based activities. She also loves the whole luxurious hotels and warm cosy surroundings as well.

  2. My wife has recently began to show an interest in my hobbies, after being inspired by my marathon she took up running and we did our first race together a few weeks ago 5k, she is now eying up a 10k. It has been nice to share a little of what brings me pleasure with her.

    1. Great to be able to share your hobbies with the other half. Having said that, we give each other space for our interests, now having at least one holiday apart now each year. There are rules though 🙂 I’m considering a bike tour to either Canada or Iceland next year and neither are going down too well!

  3. I only ever descend Snowdon via the Llanberis track as I find it too long and boring for ascent – I’d have thought she’d have opted to go up from Pen-y-Pass if she wasn’t that keen on walking – much shorter walk, less ascent and the PYG track would have been more interesting. My favourite routes up Snowdon are the western ones though – up the Rhyd Ddu path over Bwlch Main and down Snowdon Ranger.

    For Scafell Pike, I’d recommend the Corridor Route – that’s by far the best route up for interest (and pretty well-graded) and was the first walk I did in the Lakes one March – in snow!

    1. I agree but, as I say, my other half is no walker and is not necessarily interested in route aesthetics 🙂 Wainwright’s route does include the Corridor, which affords easy passage through some truly excellent mountain scenery.

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