Kickstarter – Janapar: Love on a bike and The Cairngorms in Winter with Chris Townsend

Came across a couple of projects on Kickstarter this week that you might be interested in.

The first, Janapar: Love on a bike, will hopefully result in a self-published book of Tom Allen’s bike odyssey. There’s already of film of the journey. I’m due a signed copy of the book and a DVD in return for my pledge. However, I regard this ‘investment’ as a bit of a thankyou having kept in touch with Tom’s adventures via his excellent site. Not only does he write well, the photography is superb too.

The folk behind the second project really need no introduction. Chris Townsend has been my source of practical advice on backpacking and walking in the Highlands for years, while Terry Abraham provides ample inspiration to ‘get out there’ though his video work.

The pair are planning a film of winter in the Cairngorms… the marriage of two great talents and an awe-inspiring part of Scotland. Got to be worth your support!


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