The Hebrides by bike – the best of times

Despite a false start – two days stuck in a tent in Oban with sickness and diarrhoea – my trip by bike to the Western Isles was superb.

The incredible weather was both help and hindrance, the scenery and roads wonderful and the simple daily routine welcome – strike camp, ride, catch a ferry, ride some more.

These precious few days alone underlined the benefits of solitary travel – or going Han Solo as a friend puts it. You are in control and free of constraints. Being alone generally makes you more open with strangers which, in turn, can bring agreeable diversions.

Although it was great to see loved ones again, for a while (as the picture suggests) I was the happiest man alive… probably! I feel very privileged to have had the experience.

I’ll post in sequence on my journey this week and give some thoughts on the gear, too.

cycling in the trotternish Skye


3 thoughts on “The Hebrides by bike – the best of times

  1. It was completely marvellous. I can highly recommend this part of the world… even when battling a hell of a headwind on Skye. Magic…

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