Fully loaded

Thorn Club Tour loaded with Caradice panniersKit list… check; pre-trip pang of excitement… check; pre-trip doubts over a slightly sore knee… check; bike service… check; ferry timetables printed… check; Skin So Soft (for the wee beasties)… check; Long Wave radio for Test Match Special… check; carrying too much stuff… check; fears that bike is too heavy… check; leave some stuff at home… check; …and go.

Back in a week or so.

6 thoughts on “Fully loaded

  1. Enjoy! Yeah the bike looks heavy … it must be the skin so soft (gallons right?) 🙂

    When you get back – please let me know which red bag that is that you have on top of the rear rack. I just ordered the carradice rear panniers that you have as a replacement for my ortliebs. I have the front panniers made by carradice and they have made me a believer in duck canvas, especially in the always humid, sweltering south here in the USA in which I cycle.

    1. Hey Pavel. Just back from my fantastic trip. Weather was superb. Caradice bags are as tough as old boots and I am a big fan. They are made ‘just up the road’ from me which is an attraction too as I like to support British companies if I can. The dry bag is from Alpkit (sadly not made in the Uk) but a British company all the same. http://www.alpkit.com/

  2. Thanks for the information. I had never heard of Alpkit. I’m in the us but have ordered the bag you have as well as a few neat things that I could not find to my satisfaction here, such as the mesh bags they sell. I was not sure which size it was you have there … twenty or thirty five littres – but at their great prices, well, I bought both sizes. 🙂

    1. Hi Pavel… Should have said, it’s the 35 litre. Probably a bit too big but has performed well the last week or so.

  3. I have the Carradice up front and have been waiting since may for the Carradice Rears (should be here in by end of Sept Wiggle says)
    I very much like the carradice compared to my Ortliebs. The reason is that I find the attachment system, having to be clicked in manually, very much more safe and reassuring as I’ve had several cases where one or another of the hooks on my Ortliebs come off and the bag hung there held by only one hook for who knows how long. It was probably my inattentiveness, I will admit, but still it invites a serious problem should my interaction with their system destroy a bag in mid trip. I have already bought extra hooks for the long awaited Carradice and plan to put three hooks, front and back, on the panniers. The Carradice system allows that and I think it will make the mounts indestructible. Nice peace of mind!

    The other marvelous advantage of the carradice has to do with the weather in my riding area. We have hot, hot humid weather and I have found that the carradice bags breathe while the Ortliebs steam up the contents of my humidity soaked gear. One smelly sock in the bag for one steamy hour and all of my clothes then attract the vultures circle up above, confused as to how carrion still seems to be moving.

    So count me as a big fan of Duck canvas! 🙂

    The only surprise was that the Carradice bags did not seem to come from the factory with the wax pre-applied. Did I get a mistake or is it expected that they need to be waxed up upon receipt? Were you bags waterproofed when you got them … and how is the water worthiness in your opinion?

    1. Hi Pavel, sorry for the delay replying. Just got back from a few days in Spain (although not on the bike). Like you, I am a fan of Caradice bags. They are heavy, yes, but tough as old boots. I share your frustration with supply, though, as I too had to wait for my front set.

      I have found the bags very water resistant from new and I haven’t had to reroof them… This includes my junior Nelson saddlebag which has led a pretty tough life on the back of my Audax for the last few years. The city folder on the front of my Brompton has also performed very well keeping my work gear dry.

      I was under the impression that they left the factory proofed.

      As for reproofing, I’m not so sure I will use the repfroofing wax but maybe a lighter treatment from Nikwax assuming I can find some way of heating the bags after application (hair dryer perhaps). I might experiment with this in future.

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