Rule Britannia – Shutt Velo Rapide Classic Short Sleeve Jersey

I’ve had my Shutt Velo Rapide Classic jersey for a month or so and a few hundred miles down the road I feel I’m in a position to give you some early impressions of the top.

Shutt Velo Rapid Classic Short Sleeve Jersey review
In common with many other tops in Shutt’s colourful range, the Classic jersey is made from Merino Perform summer fabric a 60/40 polyester and merino wool mix. The artificial fibres lend the top a more lasting form fit while the merino helps to combat stink and is luxuriously soft. The material has a fine weave externally and a soft, almost-brushed texture internally which is comfortable next to the skin.


I would describe the fit as slightly relaxed for me at 6’6” and hovering around 90 kgs (I have an XL). Heavier riders will find the top more form fitting while slimmer folk will need to choose a smaller size as the XL would flap a bit on the bike. I am relatively short in the body for my height and I find the XL perfect… in fact it’s the best fitting top I’ve tried.

Where the Shut really scores is actually on the bike (kinda’ fortunate really given its intended use). The top sits well across the shoulders and the subtly scoped back with rubberised grip strip hold everything in place over the derriere. Contrary to other tops I own, the neck doesn’t feel restrictive even when the full length zipper is parked in its fabric ‘garage’ and the jersey is fully done up.

Other features

Shutt Velo Rapide Classic Jersey rear pocketShutt is proud of its pockets. The reinforced, no-sag trio on the back of the jersey are excellent and swallow lightweight tops, snack bars, caps etc with ease. In addition, the top features a fourth valuables pocket that is secured by a high quality zip and is waterproofed – the lining a stark red colour which fits with the overall contrast design which I rather like.

The front zip is reflective and there’s a reflective trim on the hem to further improve visibility.


This is my first item of Shutt clothing and I’ve been very impressed with the finish and overall quality. There are none of the poorly-finished seams and loose ends of cotton which I’ve find on other items of cycling and outdoor clothing. The top can also be washed at 40 degrees in the machine. Mine’s had one wash so far and it emerged from the washer unscathed. Overall, there’s attention to detail here and quality control appears first class.

Made in Britain

Shutt Velo Rapide Made in BritainSurely one of the more redeeming features of the Shutt brand is that it’s designed and made in the UK. Even better, the manufacturing is local as the company found a garment maker in Yorkshire. So is £89 expensive for a handmade top that looks stylish and supports a British company? I don’t think so, certainly when compared against the prices of other tops from the major players.

That said, at this kind of money, I expect to get plenty of wear out of it. I’ll report back on durability further down the road.


4 thoughts on “Rule Britannia – Shutt Velo Rapide Classic Short Sleeve Jersey

  1. Hi Matt. Thanks for this review. I am considering treating myself. Just wondered how the jersey is doing a year (and a bit) down the line? Cheers in advance. Dave.

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