Surly Troll Build: Avid BB7, Goodridge cables and Ergon grips

Progress has been slow the past week or so on the Troll despite a hefty package of parts arriving from Chain Reaction Cycles.

Surly troll with Avid BB7 and Goodridge CablesSadly, there was an error on my order and I was sent an Avid BB7 set minus rotor and fitting hardware. This is now winging its way back to Ireland (slowly) for a replacement.

The rear disc is in place, though, and it was a breeze to fit. I hadn’t tangled with the installation of mechanical discs prior to the Troll project and, if you follow Avid instructions to the letter, the process is pretty painless.

I have some experience using these brakes before. A road, drop-bar specific set graced my Kona Dew Drop but they always felt a bit ‘spongy’. Reading around this topic, it appears that to get the best performance from these brakes you need decent cables.

Accordingly, I invested in a set of Goodridge and, although difficult to trim even with a decent cable-cutting tool, the difference in feel is already apparent with the bike still sitting in the workstand. Other users recommend Avid levers to get the most out of the BB7. However, it appears those old Deore shifters are going to work very well.

One word of warning about the Goodridge kit, though… If you are looking to run full cable housing to your disc (and why wouldn’t you) and particularly if you are a tall rider and use a large frame, then there isn’t enough cable outer in the kit to install front and rear brakes. This is a little annoying, but the outer is available at £4 per metre and more has been ordered.

An 11-34t cassette has also been fitted to the rear wheel and a Goodridge gear cable is now controlling the rear derailleur rather sweetly (same applies to the gear cable kits too, not enough outer!).

Ergon GR2 Biokork gripsFor the cockpit, I’ve fitted some Ergon GR2 ‘biokork’ grips. I had a play with these grips at the London bike show earlier in the year and was sold. They feel very comfortable in the hand and I’m looking forward to piling on many miles with them. They were a bit of a fiddle to install, as you need to ensure the end of the bar sits in the metal clamp (integral to the bar ends on my model) and this required quite a bit of persuasion.

Once the brakes are in, all that’s left are front mech, saddle, rack and luggage and we’re ready to roll.


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