Surly Troll build: Wheels

I now have a rolling chassis of the Surly Troll thanks to a rather lovely wheel set from Keep Pedalling.

In the interests of maximum versatility, I opted for a machined rim that would work with V-brakes rather than a disc-specific wheel set, even though I plan to run mechanical disc brakes.

The following spec was drawn up:

Deore disc hubs (36 hole)
DRC MTN 19 rims
DT Swiss black spokes
Schwalbe Marathon Extreme 2”

These are quite general hoops that rather suit the do-it-all ambitions I have for the Troll. For the hubs, it was a case of staying with something I knew well. The rims are a departure, however.

Inspection of a set of DRC touring rims in the shop suggested strength and durability – box section, double eyeleted. The MTN rims specified carry these characteristics through.

Rather then being out and out off road tyres, the Marathon Extremes are geared for broken surfaces and I expect them to be very durable. The black spokes are a bit ‘bling’ perhaps, but they look great against the bright orange of the frame.

This be more than adequate for now. Should my off-roading ambitions grow, I might get something more aggressive.

With the headset cups pressed, the other slightly gnarly job was installing the fork crown race. Rather than spending a not-insignificant amount on the right tool for the job, I purchased some 32mm waste pipe from B&Q and used it as a slide hammer, inverting the fork and tapping the crown race home.

I say ‘tapping’, in fact it required a little more persuasion. After a few minutes of sweat and worry, the race was in place, nice and square.

I haven’t installed the star nut yet as I want to double check streerer length once I decide on bars. However, it looks unlikely that I will need the clamp and hacksaw as I plan to use flats rather than risers for this build.

As for the chainset, I’ve stayed with an old favourite… a black Deore. Black suits the colour scheme that is now developing nicely!


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