Northern Walker’s 2011

WordPress users might have seen the link on their blogs to their respective reviews of the year – a chance to see what ‘fireworks your blog created over the year.’

The feature gives you an analytics overview and I thought I would share some of the results.

I was particularly interested in the popularity, or otherwise, of certain posts. As noted by many other bloggers in the outdoor community, gear reviews always attract the most organic or search traffic.

Northern Walker doesn’t feature many ‘outdoor’ gear reviews these days, largely due to satisfaction with my current gear selections. Still, gear features highly in the rankings.

In my case, it’s (nearly) all about the bike.

Top Ten Posts

1.Choosing the best touring cycle
2.Kona Dew Drop 62cm photos and thoughts
3.Thorn Audax Mk3: Long term review
4.Review: Gore Bike Wear Contest II Windstopper Jacket
5.Choosing the best bike touring wheels
6.A kit list for cycle touring
7.Vaude Hogan XT first look
8.Touring bicycle sizing and fit
9.Thorn Club Tour 620s pics
10.Endura Strike Waterproof Cycling Glove

Top 5 trips

It’s not all velo-centric, though.  I’ve been frustrated by injury this year, but there are some great memories contained within the ‘top 5’ trips below.

Great memories, after all, are what it’s all about.

1.Yosemite – heaven and hell
2.Night on a bare mountain
3.A long walk to Lathkill Dale from the Monsal Head social meet
4.A Derwent bivvy trip
5.Tarbet to Inverie via Meall Buidhe

5 thoughts on “Northern Walker’s 2011

  1. Very interesting that (Happy New Year by the way).

    I’ve noticed a real organic mix for my blog. It’s a split of 50/50 with gear and trips and videos. But then business and pleasure has admittedly merged into my blogging in truth.

    You may find mate, that with the Brits it’s generally very emotive blogging. It’s all about the outdoors, how you felt, the sights and sounds and emotional journey – with a bit of gear thrown into the mix.

    Whereas, with a lot of the Nordic countries and others like Germany and a fair few Americans as well it’s not a concern (the above) to them and more about the gear. It’s all gear, gear, gear – science behind it all, the technicalities and so on.

    The French you’ll find are more akin to the general UK mentality of “it’s about the journey”.

    Interesting eh? I’m generalising of course – but these are patterns and observations I’ve picked up on and so may well answer some of your queries

  2. Hi Terry (best new year wishes to you too),

    I would agree with this by and large. I get more comment and interaction from trips on the blog (mainly coming from UK readers) and then emails from overseas folk about the gear. I’ve advised a few readers this year on speccing touring bikes, mainly US but some mainland Europe. The queries have been quite technical and have made me think about my own choices 🙂

    While my reason for blogging is about a personal record which others may find interesting, I really do enjoy the interaction resulting from these posts. I hope to do more this year.

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