Review: Endura Strike Waterproof Cycling Glove

Over the past six weeks or so I have been wearing the Endura Strike Waterproof Glove for training and long day rides. Although I’m generally a warm-blooded soul who doesn’t really need to layer up too much in the winter, my hands do suffer so I generally need a decent glove. So far, the Endura Strike has proven to be effective to temperatures of 2 deg C.

Materials and Construction

Endura Strike Waterproof Cycling GovesThe Strike Waterproof Gloves feature a stretch, ripstop outer with waterproof membrane, have a warm secondary lining and feature a neoprene cuff with Velcro fastening. Other features include a full-finger Terry sweat wipe, which is a welcome addition even on a winter glove, silicone grip prints and gel padding. The gloves also have reflective print which shows up reasonably well at night.

My experiences with Endura products have always been fairly positive and the build quality of the Strike gloves is no exception. The gloves are well made and, although the material used in the construction is stretchy and soft and seemingly lightweight, feel they will last.

In use

When the Velco cuff is fastened, the gloves felt secure and the XL size fitted me well. The soft materials provide plenty of ‘feel’ for the ride so using drop bar brakes and ergo shifters presented no real problems.

However, I am not a huge fan of the gel padding which I feel could have been applied more liberally across the palm rather than in the raised ‘zones’ which became a little uncomfortable when riding for longer that a couple of hours. In fact, I would prefer that these gloves had no additional padding although I realise some riders feel they need some kind of protection to counter road buzz.

So far, the gloves have shrugged off showers well and, importantly, tackled wind chill with aplomb. I would be confident to use them below freezing although extreme cold might push them to the limit.

The lining is partially loose within the glove shell and while this may improve the thermal properties of the gloves, it does make putting them back on after a mid ride break a bit of a chore.

My hands get clammy in the glove and it is difficult to thread your fingers back into them without the internal lining becoming twisted and caught. It’s a relatively minor gripe and has happened with every ‘twin skin’ glove I have tried. Each time I struggle to get the gloves back on, I lament the passing of my old Endura softshell gloves which had not of these problems, were toasty warm and waterproof enough for year round riding. Sadly, these are no longer available.


Why buy? Well made, soft, winter gloves that keep the water out (so far) and are warm enough for most conditions.
Why not? Gel is uncomfortable on long rides and the twin skin construction can be a bit of a pain.

Price: £29.99


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