Living for the weekend

Wild camping in the Akto at Grisedale TarnPossibly a bit premature to be thinking about the weekend on a Monday, but I came across this post on Alastair Humphrey’s blog this morning and felt the need to share.

If you aren’t familiar with Humphreys, he’s an adventurer who cycled around the world after university (funded largely by student loans). I’m currently enjoying his honest, eloquent account of this 46,000-mile journey (Moods of Future Joys and Thunder and Sunshine).

I find his writing and ethos very appealing… the drive to do something different with your life.

With such an impressive adventure CV, it was a surprise to find a post about making the most of weekend, but I found it chimed with my own ambitions.

Yes, I may harbour a distant and maybe fanciful desite to travel and test myself again (my six months working in Kenya now a distant memory) but dropping everything is not always an option…  now right now, anyway.

If you’re lucky enough to get some time off over the weekend (and have an understanding partner/family), this  equates to 132 potential ‘microadventure’ days per year.

Be it a two-hour bike ride or a mucky overnighter in the bivy bag, go get em!


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