The Singleton of Dufftown

Thought I’d give my unrefined palette a work out with something a bit more straightforward this week.

Hailing from the malt epicentre that is Speyside , the Singleton of Dufftown has always raised an eyebow while perusing the spirit shelves of supermarkets, not least due to its distinctive, hipflask bottle. Connoisseurs sniff at it, dubbing a ‘designer whisky’… all brand and no trousers.

I’ve never been tempted to buy a bottle until now, after trying this rather agreeable spirit earlier in the week.

The Singleton is a rich proposition. It’s fruity and , I guess ‘biscuity’ on the nose… think of Fruit ShortCake and Rich Shorties… with nuts.

This carries through to the palette although there is a definite oak from the barrel (a mix of American and European casks).

The finish is warm with dryness that makes your mouth (well, my mouth) water.

It’s all delivered in a velvety smooth package… no assault on the nose and palette here. Elegant stuff, and maybe too elegant for this roughneck.

Like your Aberlour? Then give this a whirl. Very accessible.


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