2010 miles

I try not to get obsessed statistics when it comes to cycling. Likewise, I’m not a big one for bagging summits and ticking off lists.

Riding a bike and heading to the hills is mainly about decompression and re-creation, not about charts, graphs and shaving seconds off training runs.

Nevertheless, I did check the log on my cyclometers yesterday as I changed the batteries and it appears that I covered 2,520 miles last year.

This came as a bit of a surprise initially, as I didn’t think it would be so high. But when I boiled the figures down, the tally translated to just shy of 50 miles per week, which is less than three lunchtime rides.

If so inclined, I’m sure I could work how many calories used this equates to – how many doughnuts burned, if you like – but given my lack of overall weight loss, perhaps I won’t go there.

Still, it gave me bit of a warm glow and a sense of satisfaction. The bike gives so much more than simply exercise but it’s reassuring to know that it performs this task ably, too.

Cycle camping on the C2C with my Thorn Club Tour and Vaude Hogan XT


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