Langsett rehab

When my back has one of its ‘dos’, my rehabilitation is marked by milestones: being able to sit down in relative comfort, getting on the bike on the turbo trainer, riding on the road and, finally, heading to the hills.

I felt pretty good yesterday so headed for the ever-popular Langsett.  I took it easy and managed to get up on the moors with no real problems.

I might have eyed the hardcore mountain marathoners and fell runners jealousy as they went about their serious days in the hills, but I took some solace in a couple of hours trudging.

Another few yards down the road to full fitness.

High above Langsett Reservoir

3 thoughts on “Langsett rehab

  1. It must be so frustrating living with and recovering from a back problem, but it’s great to see you enjoy your walk. It’s been years since I’ve been to Langsett, despite living in Sheffield. Thanks for raising my consciousness of it again.

  2. Hi Helen, Thanks for dropping by. Yes, it is frustrating and it does get the better of me from time to time. During these periods, my ever-patient other half reminds me that things will get better(!)
    I’ve driven past Langsett so many times on the way to see my folks and this was my first visit. It’s good for an amble, that’s for sure.

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