Something stinks… my Inov8’s

I made the transition to Inov8 shoes earlier this year and haven’t looked back. They’re great… out-of-the box comfortable, seemingly hardwearing and quick drying.

After a bit of acclimatisation to the ‘wet feet’ scenario, I hardly give it a second thought now, safe in the knowledge that my walking action will force water out of the shoes and my felt will feel better for these slimmed down shoes at the end of the day.

However, having used these shoes for the best part of a year over a wide range of terrain, from the blanched barrancos of La Gomera (pictured) to the gloop of Dark Peak moorland, my Terroc’s have acquired a nostril-burning odour, which I can’t seem to shift.

You’ll have to trust me and accept that my foot hygiene is not the cause (!). I have tried to look after the shoes too, cleaning and drying them properly after trips.

I have also used various shoe cleaning products from Nikwax and the like but with no joy.

If anyone has some ‘top tips’ to tackle the niff, I’d love to hear them. In the meantime, I’ll ensure they live at the far end of the tent.


6 thoughts on “Something stinks… my Inov8’s

  1. When returning home from a trip, I put Inov-8's in bucket of water with some liquid soap to soak for an hour or so. Then dry naturally. They smell fine after that.I wonder if the membrane is to blame>

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