Climbing a ‘Col’, Pennine style

Being a fine Autumnal day yesterday, I had a another crack at Holme Moss, or ‘Le Col de Moss’ as it is optimistically known.

The day started with my now regular trundle over the pass to Holmfirth. The views down the Dovestones reservoir were stunning and I made good time.

Turning right at Compo’s Café, I made sedate progress to Holmbridge, past Brownhill Reservoir and onto Holme, the gradients now hinting at what was to come.

Past Holme, and the switchback route was clear to see snaking up the brown hillside.

At the first or maybe second turn, I’m sad to say that I weakened and engaged the granny gear. In my defence, I was trying to reach the top without exhausting myself… to see if I could make the ascent in relative comfort. The wide range block and triple made this possible.

There are markers on the climb at quarter mile increments which let you know how much misery or bliss, depending on your point of view, is left.

I reached the car park happy and, strangely, keen to go again.

Instead, I tumbled down the other side of the climb to the Woodhead Road, brakes squealing and hands freezing in the frigid air.


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