Thinking of the off… again

The last time I posted, I was basking in the glow of a week pedalling across the country… err, now I’m thinking about going away again.

This time next week I’ll be in La Gomera, which is a small island in the Canaries just off Tenerife.

I’m told this sleepy destination will be ‘right up my street’ given that it hasn’t been robbed of any charm by the unseemly charge of mass tourism and that it boasts some great walking in it’s volcanic and surprisingly verdant interior.

We’ll see… I’m taking some walking gear and hiring a car so will be able to get to the numerous trails which crisscross the island. Of course, I may end up doing nothing, but it seems unlikely as I’ve never been one for doing ‘nowt.

As I tap away here, it occurs to me that it’s been an age since I’ve been on a holiday like this. The last major trip we went on was through the Canadian Rockies in an RV.

Belt-tightening has shifted our focus to holidaying in the UK and mainly under canvas.

No doubt the flight will be miserable (EasyJet doesn’t cater for six foot six) but I am relishing the prospect of some decent weather and the simple fact of being somewhere different. It’ll be fun getting there, too, after touch down as we’ll need to get a ferry… which brings back memories of two weeks Greek island hopping a decade ago…

Forgive the tenuous link, but thinking of of camping, and under canvas in particular, we have at last found a replacement for our ‘Big Bertha’ tent which we use on extended trips. For many years, we’ve been the happy owners of a Sunncamp APS 3004 (sadly no longer made).

After nearly a year of umming and ahhing, and attending numerous tent shows, we finally agreed on a tent we hadn’t seen… a rather unconventional canvas bell tent.

The shelter of choice for the growing ‘glamping’ community, our decision is born entirely out of practicality (OK, my other half did like the ‘look’). This heavyweight 4m tent has an equally tough zip off groundsheet and a large bedroom with plenty of room for even me to stretch out.

An age old design it may be, but the tent is very weatherproof and comfortable in a range of temperatures. It’s completely ‘sealed’, too, and has a very well-designed door, both niggles with our Sunncamp. The only real drawback is the extra care required for the canvas and the weight. The 4m is OK at 25kg but larger versions really do pile on the pounds.

I have no pictures yet as the tent doesn’t pitch properly in the garden due to lack of space… should be giving it a test drive next month (another holiday?!)


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