New hack…

I sold my car a few months ago as it was sitting on the drive doing nothing… yet costing me. Once I found a rusty hole under the driver door sill it was time to give it the old heave ho.

That left me needing a commuter bike which I wouldn’t worry about if left locked in the middle of Manchester or outside the pub. I also needed a knockabout to ride with the other half along the bumpy trails of the Peak District.

I toyed with the idea of a tough single speed for a while, maybe a Genesis Day One, but the sizing didn’t look too great and those Tektro Mini Vs seems to be more trouble than they were worth. I also thought about a self- build On One Il Pompino, but then started thinking about how fashionable and nick-able single speeds have become so opted for something more agricultural… a Kona Dew Drop.

I’ve broken my cardinal rule and bought a bike with and aluminium frame. A 62 cm version arrived today and it fits really well, though. Indeed, I don’t t think I am going to have to change anything which is a bit of a result for an off-the-pegger.

It’s a bit of an ugly brute, though, with its chunky Conti Tyres, bizarre sloping top tube and disc brakes. It’s so weird and ungainly that I hope it will not be too tempting to bike thieves, not that I will leave it unattended for long.

I’ve fitted a disc specific Top Peak rack and am about to take it for a spin. Pics and further opinions to come…


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