Getting ready

Been a bit busy preparing for my tour next week that I haven’t updated the blog as much as I would like.

In addition to working on my kit list and trying to shed some weight from the panniers, I have finally civilised my Club Tour with some mudguards (or ‘fenders’ for our American friends).

Naturally, I fitted SKS ‘guards as I’ve been impressed with the set on my Thorn Audax. The whole process was a bit of a fiddle though. Thorn bikes have screw fitments under the fork crown and seat stay bridge so the guards needed to be marked up and drilled.

I also had to remove the SKS fork crown bracket so drilled the rivets which has left two tidy ‘silver spots’ where the remainder of the rivets lie.

Some work with hacksaw on the front mudguard stays and the job is finished.

The bike looks a whole lot more ‘traditional’ now, but my backside and luggage will thank me for the addition.

Other preparations have included some new cleats on my cycling shoes – more fun and games with a drill and hammer as I don’t look after them as I should.

Just need to sort some maps and I’m about there… roll on Saturday.


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