First night on a Neo Air

The bivvy bag trip at the weekend was the first outing for my new Neo Air regular. I’ve wanted one of these for a while not in the hope that the extra padding would aid a better night’s sleep.

The mattress is lighter, too, and far more compact that an equivalent Prolite.

Much has been written about these rather clever mattresses (not least its price) so I won’t replicate much of what has been said elsewhere. However, based on first use, I am not sure that it is going to be much more comfortable than my Prolite.

As the mattress relies more on air that foam, it gives you that slightly unstable feel you get on a standard camping air mattress, and can lose pressure overnight as temperatures drop.

Blow it up too much and it can feel very firm indeed… but it is easy to adjust the pressure while lying on it as the valve is positioned conveniently.

On the plus side the material, while at first feeling delicate and having a distinct crisp packet crackle, has an excellent non-slip coating so it tend to stay put during the night, and you stay put on it.

As I say, it’s early days. I hope the Neo Air will be more comfortable allowing me to sleep on my side. For now, though, the jury’s still out.


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