Trail Designs Caldera Cone – first impressions

Got out on the bike for an overnighter over the weekend and gave my Trail Designs Caldera Cone its first proper try-out.

This Meths stove centres around a pretty standard Coke can burner and a tailored thin aluminium wind shield/pot support. You have to buy the model that fits your pot, in my case an Alpkit MyTiMug (old style).

The permutations, and there are many, are listed on the Trail Designs Website.

It also ships with a measuring cup and fuel bottle all stored in a lightweight (food grade) plastic case which comprises two halves, which could be used as bowls/mugs is you so wish.

It all weighs… well, bugger all to be honest.

The cone is 40g, the burner 16g. The ‘stove caddy’ adds an extra 80gs or so to the mix but does protect the stove and keep it all together. As I say, minimalists could lose a mug and use one half of the case or leave it at home and pack with care.

In practice, this stove works superbly. The cone hold the pot firmly so the system is stable, contains the heat of the energetic Coke can stove (so it can be used inside a porch) and one fill of the burner will easily boil a full MyTiMug.

It works in wind too, as the cone is an effective windshield.

As you might gather, I’m pretty smitten. I really love the simplicity of it. For trips when I don’t need the simmering qualities of gas (most of the time, it now seems), the Caldera cone comes highly recommended.

NOTE: I realise that it is the fashion these days to do boil timings when writing about stoves. Sorry, I didn’t have a stopwatch to hand… let’s just say it’s quick enough, seven or eight minutes, perhaps, in favourable, albeit windy, conditions.


4 thoughts on “Trail Designs Caldera Cone – first impressions

  1. i was once smitten. It was a charming stove. I am not so keen on them now. Watch put it does not flare and keep an eye on it at all times. Flames can shoot out the sides and heat radiates back under the cone. I have seen fires start on the ground under the cone before with them. Apart from that they are great.

  2. Martin: Curious as to what you saw. Can you tell me the pot size and type of cone you saw this on? We have a ton of work and field time in on this system and the only time we've seen this situation is when someone uses a stove that did not come with the cone, or on the old aluminum ULC cone which we EOL'd earlier this year. Again….curious as to where you saw this.Rand

  3. Hi Martin, Thanks for dropping by. I was concerned about the heat in the cone and, on first use, protected the ground with some thin wind shield material. However, this didn't seem to get over warm and it has never scorched the ground during testing in the back garden when I didn't use 'protection' as it were. I haven't had any problems with flare either, but I heed your comments and will report back after a week's solid use next month.

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