Thorn Club Tour 620s pics

Here are some more detailed pics of the Thorn Club Tour I have recently built. I hope you get an impression of just how huge this bike is… it fits really well, though.

I realise the steerer does need cutting, or I could achieve a slightly more elegant line by changing the Ritchey adjustable stem, but I’m not really bothered. This bike is my ‘Land Rover’ and function reigns over form. It’s a supremely comfortable ride with those large tyres and the position is upright and sedate. It can still rattle along, though, as the Thorn frame is considerably lighter then my Gal.

The overall impressions on ride is that the bike wants to go in a straight line, even when pressing on. Seems a rather strange observation, but there you have it. I am yet to try it with a proper full load (20kgs) although I have every confidence it will handle it with aplomb.

(Forgive some of the photography… these shots were taken on a pretty lousy day and achieivng a steady enough camera for some of these exposures was tricky.)

Thorn Club Tour 620 s frame, Orbit XLII headset.
Spa Cycles wheelset… Rigida/LX
Panaracer Pasela Tourguard 700×35
Ritchey Comp Adjustable Stem
Shimano Altus CT90 cantilever brakes and Tektro RL340 levers
Shimano Deore drive train:
HG50 Cassette: 11-32
M531 rear mech
22T/32T/44T replacement front chain rings
UN54 bottom bracket

Tubus racks

15 thoughts on “Thorn Club Tour 620s pics

  1. Very nice bike. My 9 year old Galaxy's frame cracked; just after a respray and I am attempting to fit the remains onto a blue Club Tour (555L). I have lost patience with the straddle wire business and am fitting Shimano V style brakes.

  2. I had V brakes on my Gal for a while with Tektro drop levers. Worked OK, but I prefer the feel of the cantis, now that I've set them up properly. Plenty of toe in and no squeal!

  3. Hi – had a hard tail mountain bike for a few years but looking to get into some road biking – touring really appeals as I live in NE Scotland and the opportunities for it are endless. I really like the look of Thorn bikes and deliberating between the Club Tour and Audax ( old debate I know ) – As an owner of both, I wonder what you’d recommend for someone in my position – I envisage a weekly, long day ride, the occasional two day trip and an annual week to ten days touring where Id like the option to canp. I may commute to work in the long run – about a 14 mile journey on a mix of back road and bumpy cycle track. Any advice appreciated.

      1. Hi, I think the Club is the way to go if you want a Thorn. The Audax will handle light touring duties, but if you want to carry full camping kit, the Club will be a better bet.

        I think the Club could feel quite sprightly with the right wheelset so it might be worth having a heavily built set for touring with a wider tyre, say, and a lighter set with 28mm rubber if you want the bike to feel faster. That said, I can rattle along on my Club sans panniers, with 36-spoke wheels and 35 mm tyres and keep up with most of the roadies on their Sunday club runs!

        The good thing about the Club is that it’s a very nice bike to ride on its own, but will handle the weight if needed.

  4. Thanks N. Walker

    That was an option I was considering – ordering the bike with two wheel sets – one for day rides / Audax and one for the annual touring holiday.

    I imagine that there isn’t that much difference unloaded between the two, as you say.

    I have been constantly wavering between the two for a few weeks now – most of the time the Audax would fit the bill, but the option to your with gear is a good one – just not sure yet what I’ll get into most – actually entering Audax events or leaning more toward touring. I like the idea of both and I guess the Club Tour offers that best.

    If you could only have one or the other – which one? 🙂

      1. Thanks – I think this might be the way to go, then, though for the price you might expect a 105 group set and not Tiagre…….still – it will make a great one bike does it all and as a first road bike, allow me to sample the widest range of riding styles – if I become an Audax but I can buy a sportive / Audax bike later and if touring has the most pull, a heavier wheel set and Ill be there for the UK and Europe.

        Been out with a regular road rider and credit card tourer recently and he keeps telling me a lighter bike is the way to go ( Spa cycles Titanium Audax looks good, there ) but I keep getting drawn to the Thorn bikes and the Club.

        Thanks for your responses.

      2. no problem. As I’ve said elsewhere on this blog, Thorn bikes are expensive nowadays and don’t necessarily represent the vfm they once did.

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