Done, bar the shouting

I finished the build on my Thorn Club Tour last night. All that’s required are some new stainless M5 cap screws and bottle cages and she’s ready to go.

I had a little bit of trouble with the bottom bracket from my Galaxy. Stubborn doens’t do it justice. I replaced the BB with a new sealed Shimano unit and will try to remove the old BB when I can get my hands on a longer 32mm spanner.

Everything else was installed without too much fuss though. As this is a Thorn, I could do with cutting the steerer at some point, but I’m going to ride it for a while first before I make that call.

I will also look to replace the canti brakes which are pretty rudimentary Shimano… either for some R550s or some ‘old school’ Tektro CR 720s. For now, though, they are working well with no squeal.

As it stands, the riding postion is a bit more relaxed than on my Gal. This bike is all about long days in the saddle and watching the world go by rather than aerodynamics. I’ll give it a test ride and see how we get on. There’s plenty of scope for adjustment with that long steerer.

I’ll get my hands on some batteries for the camera and post some decent pics soon, along with specs.


2 thoughts on “Done, bar the shouting

  1. Wow, looks like a great bike! By the way — I also have a Dawes Galaxy. It's about to be fitted with V-brakes and a Surly LHT fork after being badly crunched in an accident… Can't wait to get it back on the road. I'm enjoying the blog. Keep on riding — I'm sure you'll make LEJOG.Neil

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