Thorn Club Tour, 620S

My new frame arrived the other day. Apparently, I got the last Thorn 620s Club Tour for a few months and there is some hold up in supply. I’m glad I didn’t delay.

My Galaxy is a bit battered and bruised in its sensitive parts (stays and forks) and so it’s time for a change. I was thinking of a 26-inch wheeled tourer but I’ll hold off on this purchase until I can afford a machine with a Rohloff hub (for the big trip around the world, perhaps).

I realise there’s a bit of a Marmite thing going on with Thorn bikes… you either love them or hate them. I fall into the former camp, although I must admit their sanctimonious marketing can be irksome.

However, if my Audax Mk3 is anything to go by, I am going to be very happy with this frame, which is Reynolds 725 with chunky 531 forks. It has good clearances too, so no problems fitting my hefty wheelset.

Work will start tomorrow with pics to come.

Can’t wait to stack up those spacers!


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