Inov8-ing at last

I bought some Terroc 330s over the weekend… nothing like coming to the party late is there?!

Two factors prompted the purchase. Firstly, the shoes were in the sale. Secondly, and more importantly, I tried a pair on the for the first and I don’t think a pair of shoes/trainers have ever been so comfortable out of the box… with the exception of a pair of Crocs, perhaps, although these are not ideal for 20-mile days.

Some commentators have raised concerns over the durability of Inov8 shoes although nothing is giving me cause for concern here. The design has been tweaked a little over the years and the outsole, EVA wedge and upper generally all feel very much up to the job.

I’m looking forward to giving them a spin and they’ll certainly get plenty of use during our June holiday on La Gomera when I hope to hit the mountains while others are elegantly slumming by the pool.


2 thoughts on “Inov8-ing at last

  1. I too have just got a pair of 330's. I find them a little tight over the top of the foot, but a little lace tweaking sorted that out. I walked 12 miles in them the other day, and while my feet did get wet they dried out quite quick. They stayed comfortable all the way. They gave excellent purchase the other day at brimham rocks as well when I was scrambling around the rocks.I love them, and you will too 🙂

  2. I too will adjust the lacing to ease pressure in this area as I agree it started to feel a little tight while wearing them around the house for a couple of hours.Need to give them a try in anger now!

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