Out of the saddle and climbing a local hill on my Thorn Audax Mrk3 the other day and I heard a very loud ‘ping’ and the back of the bike went distinctly wobbly.

You guessed it, a rear spoke had gone, curiously on the non-drive side.

Cutting the ride short, I took the wheel to my LBS and they replaced the spoke and gave both wheels a re-tension.

I’ve never had a spoke go before and it raised all the usual paranoia of large riders on bikes etc etc. I’ve done about 2,000kms on these wheels (Mavic Open Pro, 36 spk, Deore hubs) without a hiccup until now.

Interestingly, the chap at the LBS said they were solidly made and he too was surprised they’d gone.

Still, fingers crossed they will now be OK. In some respects, it’s perhaps surprising I’ve not had problems before given the conditions of the roads following the recent ‘big freeze’.

It’s getting harder and harder to avoid those potholes and keep out of the path of traffic.


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