Lomond ‘wild camping’

One of the more pleasant experiences of my West Highland Way trip was finding a quiet spot on the shores of ‘Bonnie Lomond’ to spend the night.

I had little to eat and was tired from the day’s walk, yet none of this mattered. It was a truly stunning evening in May and the atmosphere was heavy with the remnants of the day’s heat. The loch was still, seemingly solid, and offered a perfect mirror image of a reddening sky.

I got comfortable leant against a tree and sipped tea made with the bubbling waters from a nearby burn.

A simply perfect experience, and just reward you for all those nights in storms waiting for daylight.

After decamping in the morning, and carefully removing all trace of my bedroom, I regained the path and continued down the loch.

Peering into the woods which fringe this huge expanse of water, I saw numerous camps which hadn’t been cleared, accompanied by beer cans and other detritus.

This saddened me, as it does whenever I see such miserable piles of trash in the ‘outdoors’.

For Lomond, it appears the problems are now worse.

A story on the BBC’s site suggests new camping bylaws to counter irresponsible behaviour. Lomond obviously suffers due to its relative accessibility, a problem that prevails in many parts of the Peak and Lake districts.

These places should be for all, but this is clearly a case of the few spoiling it not just for the back packing ‘few’, but for the many who enjoy this fabulous place.

5 thoughts on “Lomond ‘wild camping’

  1. The thing I've never understood, is the folk who dump their rubbish all the way up the hill and around the summit. They apparently enjoy the experience of being out and the views etc, but also have complete disregard for it. There is no more sure way of getting my blood boiling than littering, be it in towns of the hills. In my experience, the culprits can't be reasoned with either, their ignorance usually extends to the rest of their personality too.

  2. Amen to that…I must admit, I went back and deleted a couple of pars of ranting from this post because, like you, this really gets my goat. And if you do challenge folk, the response is sadly predictable.

  3. Everyone loves good rant! :)I had few choice words for a seemingly respectable, middle aged woman who 'accidently dropped' a sandwich wrapper out her car door in a train station car park. When was the last time you were eating a sandwich in your car, opened the door a couple of inches, had the offending litter drop from your car onto the ground, then close the door without even getting out?She claimed not to have noticed, which was total BS, it was clearly a deliberate act. I did feel a bit bad about it afterwards, she was clearly intimidated and presumably wasn't used to being addressed in the terms I used. Maybe she'll think twice next time though.Not my finest hour, but I have subsequently learned to try and keep my temper in check when dealing with such ignorance..

  4. I remember someone (who I was at college with!) who, when she saw someone drop litter, would pick it up, run up to them and tell them (all concerned) that they'd dropped something. It seemed to work quite well, although I reckon if I tried it I'd get a smack in the face before too long.

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